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Windows Apps

I have developed C# applications to assist the community with certain tasks related to making modifications for Call of Duty 5: World at War on PC - my Weapons Editor application is the most popular.

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Game Scripting

I have developed many ground-breaking new features for Call of Duty 5: World at War on PC - you can view my most important accomplishments here on my portfolio.

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Game Mapping

I have experience with CoD Radiant mapping game environments. You can view my most recent map UGX Requiem here on my portfolio.

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John Bishop
Graphic Arts Teacher

Andy is bright, energetic, compassionate, and genuinely well rounded. His grades have been consistently above average in all of his courses, and he has consistently gone above and beyond in each activity he was engaged. Andy's work has been exemplary and I have used his projects as examples for subsequent classes to illustrate imagination, creativity, and top quality in his work.

Jack Dolley
Call of Duty Mapper

Andy is a diligent and capable person, pushing himself to work extremely hard in order to achieve goals. His effective use of communication between peers, organisational skills, and work ethic drive projects to completion and ultimately lead a team to achieve highly. It has been a great pleasure working with him.

Gary Satterfield
HOA Accounting Services hoa-accounting.com

Andy King has been providing my business technical support and website maintenance since 2010. He has a strong command of Windows, PC hardware and a real knack for finding solutions/workarounds. He has been reliable, knowledgeable and dependable in tracking down/resolving our technical issues. He is has also been very fair with his billing, his prices are very reasonable and he is easy to work with. I find it rather amazing to get Andy's level of focus and reliability for his rather young age. I strongly recommend Andy to my business and personal contacts who are in need of technical troubleshooting , PC Repair and/or web site assistance.