Voted one of the best maps of 2011, Cabin was the first zombie map to feature a linear singleplayer-style storyline. The map has many unique features for its time, some of which are highlighted below. The map immerses players in a storyline of a squad of soldiers forced to set up a defense in an abandoned cabin in the woods. One of their friends has locked himself away in the basement cellar of the cabin and it's your job to go find him and discover what's really going on.

I am responsible for creating all of the areas shown in the screenshots on this page, and for the entirety of scripted features on the map.
This project was developed using Treyarch's Mod Tools Package for Call of Duty 5: World at War. The map was created using CoD Radiant, and all scripts are in CoD GSC language.

Trader Menu

Albeit primitive, this was one of the first trader menus seen in a community map for World at War. Players could gamble for a random weapon or buy ammo and upgrades for their current weapon, such as extended magazines and scopes.

Jeep Ride-along

After finding a steering wheel, gasoline and a spare wheel, players are able to ride this jeep all the way back through the main stretch of the map to safety while music plays. The script utilizes the vehicle system in World at War, and as far as I'm aware it was one of the first community uses of this system in a zombie map.

Plane Bombing Run

If players fail to complete one of the map objectives before a timer runs out, a bombing run is called in on the area which will kill the players and end the game. The script utilizes the vehicle system in World at War.

Scripted Cutscene with Dialog

When players first enter the room in the cabin, they are pulled into a scripted cutscene which has audio dialog and on-screen subtitles. The cutscene establishes the players objectives and begins the backstory of the map.