Voted one of the best maps of 2012, Comosea is an epic custom zombie map and the very first to feature the original UGX Mod. Five unique game-modes are on offer, as well as a plethora of new weapons to keep the zombie horde back. Whether you're eager to team up with your buddies and make your escape with Objective gameplay, or if you're a selfish survivor and want to outlast your rivals in Competitive gameplay, Comosea gives you countless more hours of zombie-slaying entertainment with never-before-seen features.

I am responsible for the AI pathing, lighting and atmospheric effects on this map, and for the entirety of scripted features on the map.
This project was developed using Treyarch's Mod Tools Package for Call of Duty 5: World at War. The map was created using CoD Radiant, and all scripts are in CoD GSC language.

Saw Trap

Considered to be the centerpiece of Comosea, the main warehouse features a deadly tree blade saw trap that slices zombies into bits. If players stand in the way of the saw they will be killed.

Door Switches

Comosea features many door switches around the map which become active after turning the main power switch on. These switches operate doors which raise upward similar to the garage door on a house or shop.

Boat Ride Escape

After completing a lengthy set of objectives, players will have successfully lowered a raft into the water and refueled it, allowing them to escape the map. The boat utilizes the World at War vehicle system.