Voted one of the five best maps of 2014, Requiem took the modding community by storm with its innovative objectives and unprecedented detail. The map has many unique features which are highlighted below.

There is an elaborate set of objectives on the map involving shooting targets with flying zombies, shooting meteors in the sky, solving puzzles, finding parts to build things with, and more. It is also the first map to feature the final version of UGX Mod.

I am responsible for creating all of the areas shown in the screenshots on this page, and for the entirety of scripted features on the map.
This project was developed using Treyarch's Mod Tools Package for Call of Duty 5: World at War. The map was created using CoD Radiant, and all scripts are in CoD GSC language.


Creative and innovative way to change the map layout while simultaneously crossing from one enclosed area into another. You have to go back the way you came, otherwise you'll run into the unusable side see-saw and have to retrace your steps all the way around the map back to the other side to restore its position.

Weapon Dispenser

A modern take on the traditional wall-weapon chalks used by Treyarch in the official zombie maps, this little metal box will open itself to reveal its contents when you walk near it. This means you can't tell what weapon is near you unless you approach it, forcing players to memorize the weapon locations on the given map if they want to avoid any mistakes.

Axe melee weapon & chop-able barriers

Players are able to clear their way to new map areas by chopping through them with an axe. The axe model is a stock game asset from Treyarch, but I turned it into a melee weapon, made the chop animation myself and scripted the chop sequence seen in the video.

Dynamic Weather & Ambiance System

Using both server-side and client-side scripting I created a dynamic weather system which has variable levels of rain intensities with sound transitions between each state. When players walk indoors the rain effect disappears and the sound fades into the pattering noise of rain on a metal roof. When the player goes underground in the map, the rain sound fades into an echoing cave soundtrack with distant screams and various other noises.

Buildables System

An exact replication of the parts building system used in Treyarch's Black Ops 2 Zombies which supports carrying and building one or more parts at a time.