Voted 35th of 250 in ModDB's Top Mods of 2015 and 74th in 2014, UGX Mod is the most innovative and complete modification available for World at War. Via a short installation process performed by the map owner, UGX Mod adds 6 gamemodes, 128 weapons, new perks, placeable traps and sentry turrets, elemental weapons, features replicated from newer versions of Treyarch's CoD engine such as Dive-to-Prone, dual-wield weapons and gamepad support, and more to any custom map!

I am responsible for writing and developing all of the features described on this page, which involve more than 13,000 lines of new script and over 2 years of development time.

New Weapon Types

Never before seen in zombies, UGX Mod features a new elemental weapontype and other special weapons such as the Gravity Boom and the Hell's Retriever tomahawk.

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Traps Machine

One of the most unique features I developed for UGX Mod, the Traps Machine features an elaborate menu coded entirely in IDTech's menu script and allows players to buy and upgrade placable in-game weapons.

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New Gamemodes

Out of the six new gamemodes in UGX Mod, I created two of the most complex and innovative ones - Chaos Mode (an adaptation of the popular MW3 DLC) and King of the Hill mode.

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Treyarch implemented a diving system into Black Ops 2 which became an integral part of the newer zombie maps they released. This functionality was unavailable in World at War's engine, but I was able to implement it via server-side scripting and creative manipulation of the weaponFile system.

Gamepad Support

The World at War engine has very barebones gamepad support which only exists as a bleedover feature from the console version of the engine. This support was only accessible via the in-game console and only allowed you to control your player's movements, not any of the ingame menus. I was able to find ways to implement this functionality into all of the menus of the game by hand, so that players can navigate and play the entirety of the game using only a gamepad.

Persistent Settings

One major complaint that I had with the original UGX Mod was that users' chosen preferences in the settings menu were not saved, such as FOV changes. I found a way to save the users' settings into their config.cfg and then load it dynamically into any map running UGX Mod. This allows their FOV and other settings to remain persistent no matter if they restart the game or switch to a different map. There was previously no known way to retrieve values from config.cfg into menufiles or gamescript before I pioneered this method. Even a Treyarch dev thought it impossible and couldn't believe I had figured out a solution.

Gamemode Selection Menu

The Gamemode Selection Menu controls all of the settings the users have access to for their current game. They can choose which of the six gamemodes they want to play, and then each gamemode reveals specific sub-settings that the users can change. They can also control what gun types they want to be playing with for certain modes and use sliders for things like time limits. The menu is 1500 lines long, written entirely in IDTech's menu script. The backend which handles the script-side of all of these settings is written in gamescript.

Issue Tracking in Atlassian Jira

I've used Atlassian's Issue Tracker Jira to actively track over 300 bugs, tasks, and features related to UGX Mod. Based on my own testing of the mod and community feedback I use this tool to keep track of all work that needs to be done with the mod. I use it to track my work time and give progress updates on bugfixes among other things. At the time of writing, UGX Mod's Jira project can be publicly viewed via this link.