Comprehensive GUI used for editing CoD-format weapon files.
Written in C#. Source code available upon request for CV purposes.


Open Any WeaponFile

Open any weaponfile with the program, no GDTs necessary.

Find Settings Quickly

Find any weaponfile setting within seconds using the Search for Setting feature.

Edit Any WeaponFile Type

Edit any weaponfile type (bullet, projectile, grenade, gas, turret) without changing any program settings - it will detect what settings to display.

Create From Existing Files

Base a new weaponfile off of an existing one by using the Save As feature and/or Advanced Mode.

Convert BO1 to CoD5 format

Convert BO1 weaponFiles for use in CoD4/5 using the converter button on the right-side of the program.

Helpful Tooltips

All settings have tooltips which describe what the setting does - some are taken directly from Asset Manager, others are new or rewritten to be more useful and descriptive.